Ionic Foot Detox

Ionic Foot Detox

Detoxification is one valid way of maintaining good health. From this process, the toxins in the body gotten from food, air and water, are eliminated. These toxins are excreted through bowel movement and sweating. Bowel movements, if not done regularly, can be induced by different colon cleansing procedures. Sweating on the other hand is done by exercise and body movement. However, just like bowel movement, sweating can also be stimulated either by sauna or foot bath.

The process of ionic foot detoxification takes place by using salt water or saline water in conjunction with electrodes. You start with immersion of your feet in lukewarm salt water. Then the electrodes are also immersed in the water carefully so that they do not make any contact with your feet. A very small level of current is then passed through the electrodes with the help of a circuit into the water. This process brings out the toxins from your body in the ionic way and deposits them in the salt water. An Ionic foot bath removes the dangerous toxins from your body with the help of ions. When these toxins get deposited in the water, the salt water changes its color. The change of color is due to the presence of the toxins in the water that came out of your body through the ionic foot bath.

This process has been known to:
*Remove toxins and body waste products known to cause health problems.
*Chelate heavy metals.
*Inactivate viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungus.
*Relieve pain and tension including headaches.
*Purify the blood and lymph nodes.
*Stimulate and balance the immune system.
*Enhance nutrient absorption.
*Reduce inflammation and unwanted fluid retention.
*Help clear up bad skin.
*Assist in weight loss.
*Slow down aging and improve body flexibility.
*Quicken recovery time from disease or injury.
*Increase oxygen in the body.
*Rejuvenate and energize your whole body.
*Improve sleep.

Are you aware on the ill effects that toxins can cause in your body? These toxins are poisonous and are one of the root causes of many diseases that are contracted by an individual. You have to ask yourself why debilitating diseases are so prevalent today. Could this be due to the build-up of harmful contaminants that eventually lead to illness? There are many different debilitating diseases that are a direct result of toxic contamination, many of these diseases can prove to be eventually fatal.

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